Personal Mission: To contribute to the planet and its inhabitants in a way that benefits others by integrating the wisdom learned from my experience, education, blessings and sorrows.

Life Coaching mission: To be fully present, to support, awaken and challenge my clients to become fully aware of their unique selves, and of their ability to contribute to the world and enjoy their lives.

About Sandra

  • 30 years business owner and operator
  • 10 years Advocacy work
  • Masters of Business, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Bachelor of Arts Sociology University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Women’s Studies Certificate, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Martha Beck Certified Life Coach
  • Trained by Brooke Castillo in Weight Loss Coaching

Sandra operated and owned a successful retail village in Brookfield WI. while raising her daughter Caroline and son Austin. After the loss of her husband and the later sale of her business Sandra transitioned to a new life in Washington DC to work on Social Justice issues and youth entrepreneurship. She returned to Wisconsin to attend to her father’s health care while working on a statewide political economic development project. Sandra feels a calling to coaching after experiencing the lessons and joys of letting go and transitioning to new circumstances repeatedly.

Sandra says

“I often watch people grasping at old habits, thoughts, belongings long after they serve the owner or believer. I understand the longing to hold on but have experienced the renewal and unexpected joy in letting go to become your true unencumbered self. I am familiar with and am called on to guide others through times of transition and loss. Martha Beck’s training and focus on how our brains react to our thoughts supports my personal hard won experiences of change and loss. With every twist and turn I am more awe struck and appreciative of the ability of beauty, joy and love to present themselves in unexpected times and places. I consider it a blessing to be able to guide and share in the coaching process of discovery. “