Weight Coaching

Why a Weight Life Coach?

A weight loss coach can increase your emotional range and flexibility in order for you to end your weight struggle permanently.

I am a personal trainer for the underlying but all-important emotional component of unwanted weight gain.


Who needs one?

You may need a weight loss coach if:

  • You want a permanent life enhancing process to maintain your natural weight
  • You have obsessive thoughts about your weight
  • You are sick of all the diets and fitness programs that are not based on your food preferences or lifestyle

What does a Weight Loss Coach Do?

My program strengthens your internal control. In 60 minute phone sessions and with written materials I will

  • Teach you tools to help your body work with you
  • Guide you through body awareness exercises
  • Provide tools for you to create a plan that is tailor made for your unique preferences
  • Challenge your self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Give daily e-mail support and feedback to you to help you reach your goal of attaining and maintaining a feel good natural weight

How it’s Different

My program differs from diets that are externally based. For starters, my program:

  • Is not based on the general public’s preferences or the latest celebrity’s quick fix
  • Allows you to choose the foods that work well with your body
  • Lets you listen and decide for yourself what food and movements are right for you

This coaching process consists of increasing your own body’s wisdom to enhance your ability to make choices that work for you.

You will gain not only the body that feels right for you but you will have learned skills that will continue to benefit you in all areas of your life.

Curious to learn more?

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